5 Easy Hacks To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into Loyal Customers

There’s a secret that you need to know that makes some popular blogs so successful. The secret is not about their traffic. There are lots of blog that have lots of visitors and very little earnings. The secret for those successful blogs is that they are able to convert their visitors into loyal customers. That’s […]

7 Mistakes That Will Create a Bad Impression On Your Blog

If you’re blogging and you are not careful in the way you blog, you will lose your readers’ interest toward your blog. It’s simple. Some small mistakes can make them to hate your blog for life. In other words, they will vow not to visit your blog again ever. Can you believe that? Well, it […]

7 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Blog Content

The biggest problem that many bloggers are experincing is that their visitors don’t like their blog so much because the content is not too appealing for them. In other words, people read the content for at most 5 seconds before they hit the close or back button. Remember that if you are a blogger, it […]

Link Building in 2014 – 3 Strategies That Still Work

The Big G has webmasters in a tizzy about link building these days. What works? What doesn’t? You’ll likely find that most traditional methods that have been popular in the last few years are now the cause of penalties these days.  What follows are 3 methods that work now and should work indefinitely if you […]

Godaddy Renewal Coupon Code 2014

At the beginning of each year, I have a few domains that come up for renewal. And so a new year always starts off with a search for the best Godaddy coupon codes that can be used for renewals. While there are many coupons available for new domains and all their other services, like hosting […]

Top 5 Local Listings Sites

If you’ve just started to promote your business and website, one of the first things you’ll want to do in terms of marketing, is to get your business listed on the major local listings sites. Not only do these sites have millions upon millions of visitors each and every day, but search is becoming more […]

Online Business Ideas and Updates

I have seriously neglected this blog for a few years now. I cringe at these old posts that talk about these outdated link building methods. However, I shall leave them as a testament to how drastically the web landscape changes over just 5 years. I mainly kept up this domain because I like to use […]

Dastardly Marketing Tricks Rant

Today I got an email from a list I’m on… from some marketer’s list I forgot I signed up for and haven’t heard from in ages. This mailing linked to what seemed like an informational blog post, but what it was was one of those incredibly long sales pages that markets the latest hot product […]