5 Easy Hacks To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into Loyal Customers

5 Easy Hacks To Convert Your Blog Visitors Into Loyal Customers
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There’s a secret that you need to know that makes some popular blogs so successful. The secret is not about their traffic. There are lots of blog that have lots of visitors and very little earnings. The secret for those successful blogs is that they are able to convert their visitors into loyal customers. That’s how they make lots of money. Meanwhile, those blogs who have low earnings despite their high amount of traffic are the blogs that are unable to turn their visitors into loyal customers. So, if you want to earn as much money as possible from your blog, you have to be able to convert your blog visitors into loyal customers. Remember, they need to be converted into loyal customers, not just one-time customers. So, how can you do that? Here are 5 easy hacks to convert your blog visitors into loyal customers:

1. Put An Above-The-Fold Mailing List Subscription Box

Why should you do it? So that people will subscribe to your list. Remember that you can’t turn your blog visitors into loyal customers without making them your blog subscribers first. So, be sure to put your subscription box in the above-the-fold area within your blog. Ideally, it should be above your content area. And be sure to make it appealing as well, with many benefits and valuable free products to offer. You have to create a good impression with your list and compel people into joining.

2. Put Testimonials On Your Blog Sidebar

I bet that this is not a hot trend among bloggers. Most bloggers are underestimating the power of testimonials. If you have a product to sell on your blog, why don’t you put your customers’ testimonials in your blog sidebar so that your visitors can read it while reading your blog post? It will give you lots of benefits for your business. First, your first-time visitors will see your testimonials and they will curiously check your product sales page as soon as they read those positive customer feedbacks. Second, more and more people will be attracted toward your product. And third, you’ll get more earnings because more people will buy your product. So, don’t underestimate the power of testimonials on your blog.

3. Create An Exclusive Membership For Your Blog

This is a good strategy that you can apply on your blog. This strategy will help you to turn your visitors into subscribers, and then convert your subscribers into customers. The trick is to create two types of membership in your blog. The first one is the free membership, or you can call it silver or bronze membership. The second one is the paid membership, or you can call it gold or platinum membership. But, remember that the two memberships must have the same premium feel in it. In this way, even people with free membership will feel that they get so much value from your blog. This will create the desire for them to upgrade their membership. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Make Your Blog Look Like A Storefront

Nobodywill buy your product if you don’t let them know that you are selling something. If you hide your product page deep down within your blog, how can you expect that you will get lots of money from your blog? The answer is that you won’t get anything. That’s why you have to make your blog look like a storefront. Give the link to your product page, and don’t be afraid to promote your paid products on your blog so that your free readers will know and understand that you are selling something to them. If you do it correctly, they will respond positively toward your offer.


5. Make Consistent Contact With Your Subscribers

Your blog mailing list is the real goldmine of your blog. Your subscribers are the ones that will become your long-term customers. So, do not abandon them. You have to make consistent contact with your subscribers. You have to stay within their awareness and never let your blog name to be forgotten by them. You have to send periodic emails to them, informing them about the latest updates of your blog, the latest information on your niche, useful how-to information, as well as product promotion from your blog. The key is to be consistent with them. In this way, they will not forget you and they will keep coming back to your blog as well as thinking about buying your products.

Those are some easy hacks that will allow you to convert your blog visitors into loyal customers. When you apply those tricks, you’ll be able to boost your conversion rate, and you’ll also be able to bring more money to the bank since people will keep buying from you over and over again. Let’s hope that you won’t get bored.

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