5 Tips To Create a Compelling Free Report For Your Blog Visitors

5 Tips To Create a Compelling Free Report For Your Blog Visitors
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What do you think is the best way to entice people to join your list? Most bloggers will say that it’s the free report. But is your report compelling enough? No matter how great your squeeze page design, if the free report that you are offering to your potential subscribers is not interesting, then they will not subscribe. You can offer your free report to a thousand people, but probably only ten of them will sign up. Even then, most of them will leave your list within 24 hours after reading your free report. Why? That’s because it’s not compelling. So, if you have problem attracting new subscribers to your list, take a look at your free report. Is it compelling enough? If not, then you need to change it. Here are 5 important tips to create compelling free report for your blog subscribers:


1. Take Care Of The Design

Do you want to attract people’s attention? Well, it’s all about first impression. And if you want people to read your free report, you have to make it good-looking and promising. So, take care of the design of your report. If possible, hire a professional graphic designer just to design your free report as well as your squeeze page. Remember, it needs to be compelling the first time your audience see it. Make sure that they want to grab your report right away after they see it. How to determine that you have a good-looking report? Ask your gut feeling. If you like it, most of the time your audience will like it as well.

2. The Report Needs To Be A Short, But Valuable Read

You don’t need to write a hundred pages PDF ebook just to give it away to your blog subscribers. It is not necessary. Besides, you will be spilling too many valuable information in the process. What you need to do instead is to write a crisp, short report that your audience can easily read it in one sitting. But, be sure that the content is valuable enough to learn. The nuggets of information need to be catchy and make your audience to say “yes, yes, yes” while reading it.

3. It Needs To Cover An Already Covered Topic In A Different Way

What does it mean? It simply means that you have to be creative with your topic selection. Don’t follow the crowd. People will not be attracted toward an ebook that contains a common information about a common topic. Why would they read it? They have learned about it somewhere else. So, if you are going to impress them with your content, you have to make your content unique and different from the rest of the free reports out there. And since every topic under the sun might already be covered by someone out there, you just need to make sure that when you cover an already covered topic, you have to write it from different angle or perspective.

4. You Should Throw Away Lots Of New And Unique Information In It

Again, even though you are covering the topic from a different angle, it would still be uninteresting if you are giving away information that is already available somewhere else. That’s why it is not good for you to use rehashed information on your free report. Think about it this way. People will quickly lose interest on you if you do that, because they already know about the information. Even if you already spin your words a hundred times, in essence you are giving away the same kind of information that is already available in some other places. So, you must make sure that the information you are giving to your audience is fresh and unique. Make it mind-blowing, and make your audience to go “WOW!” when they read it.

5. Invite The Readers To Take The Next Step

Most bloggers fail to retain the number of their mailing list subscribers because their free report can’t lead them to the next step. In other words, it is stuck at the end of the page. The blogger doesn’t give any clue as to what to do next or what kind of action the readers need to take after reading their free report. You have to avoid this kind of mistake. You have to make your free report not to become the last stop for your readers. You have to put a strong call to action in it. Invite your readers to take the next step after reading your free report, and most importantly, tell them to stay tune for the next updates that you will be sending them in the future. This is a crucial step.

Those are the important tips that you have to follow if you want to create a compelling free report for your blog subscribers. When you change the quality of your free report, it will help you to boost your squeeze page conversion rate, and best of all, it will help you to build long-lasting relationship with your subscribers because this is the place when you start building their trust toward your blog.

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