7 Mistakes That Will Create a Bad Impression On Your Blog

7 Mistakes That Will Create a Bad Impression On Your Blog
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If you’re blogging and you are not careful in the way you blog, you will lose your readers’ interest toward your blog. It’s simple. Some small mistakes can make them to hate your blog for life. In other words, they will vow not to visit your blog again ever. Can you believe that? Well, it happens. Here are 7 small mistakes that will create bad impression on your blog:

1. A Completely Self-Opinionated Blog With Highly Controversial Topics

It’s good for you to share your own opinions on your blog, but when you do it incorrectly, you can only give bad impression on it. If the topic that you choose is controversial, then it will only alienate yourself from your audience. Why? That’s because you are taking one side, and your audience may or may not taking the same side as you. When your opinion is too strong, chances are more and more people will hate your blog (and you) for life.

2. The Wrong Selection Of Monetization Strategy

Think about it. Most highly reputable blogs always have their own products to sell in their blog. They choose this kind of monetization strategy because it has two benefits for their business. The first benefit is that they will get the full portion of their earnings without having to split it with any third party. The second benefit is that it will help them to build good authority on their niche. If you choose to monetize your blog with links and lots of links, it will definitely make a bad impression on your audience.


3. Writing Your Blog As If You Are High And Mighty

Almost all people don’t like rude and arrogant people. So, how come do you think that people will like your blog if you write it as if you are high and mighty? It’s as if you are the master while your audience is the slave. Can you fix your writing style now? Try to respect your audience, because they are people like you. They just read your blog to learn new information from it. If you welcome them and respect them as your audience, they will like you more and more. If not, you’ll get the opposite.

4. Choosing A Blog Template That Is Free And Too Common

Your blog template will either create positive impression or negative impression. Think about it as your clothes. When you wear the right clothes, people will admire and respect you. But, when you wear the wrong clothes, people will often ignore or even despise you. So, think about your blog template as your clothes. If you choose a free template that is too common, with lots of links in the footer, then your audience will forget your blog quickly. But, if you use premium template for your blog, it will be able to build a good impression the first time they visit your blog.

5. A Mailing List That Is Full Of Spam Automatic Messages

Don’t forget that if you have a mailing list, it will also affect your blog image. So, be very careful about what you send to your subscribers. If you are sending spam automatic messages to your subscribers in your mailing list, what do you think will happen? Well, it’s obvious that they will leave your list and hate your blog for it. But, if you are giving them valuable information that is up to date and unique, you will be able to win their trust.

6. An Abandoned Comment Section

What’s the function of your comment section? Isn’t it supposed to be the place for discussion in your blog? Yes, that’s true. But, when you completely abandon it, then people will give really little respect toward your blog. If you don’t actively join the discussion on your blog, then it means that you don’t care about your blog. So, why should they care about it? So, if you want to make a good impression, be nice to your blog commenters.

7. Irregular Time Of Updates

It’s been two weeks since your readers see your last update. Where have you been? Your audience will think that your blog is already abandoned by you. Think about it. If you are updating your blog in no certain interval, then your audience can’t miss or expect your blog post at all. In other words, they will simply leave it. But, if you are updating your blog in a fixed interval, your audinece will always wait for your next update, and come back to your blog again. So, don’t be so unpredictable.

Those are the mistakes that you have to avoid if you want to create a really good impression on your blog. Failing to avoid those mistakes will make your readers to stop reading your blog in an instant.

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