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A Prescription For Link Building

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I do a lot of SEO work in addition to my own projects, and link building is a huge part of SEO. I often get clients who can’t afford a big monthly package for link building work, so I try and give them tips for how to do it themselves. Maybe that’s not a wise thing to do as far as making money, but I hate to see people struggling when they get started and helping people in this way makes for some very satisfied and very loyal customers. I always get more business from them once they get going, plus lots of referrals. Anyway, I tell them each something a bit different, since every site is different. However, for most sites, I recommend the following to start with and to do on a regular and consistent basis:

  • Local Search Submissions – Get listed on Google Local, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle etc., there’s about a dozen or so big ones currently.
  • Major Directory Submissions – Submit to Yahoo Directory only if you have plenty of space in the budget for it, then submit to DMOZ, then to JoeAnt and the other large and reputable ones, 20-50 submissions should cover the important directories.
  • Niche and Regional Directory Submissions – For most niches, there will be a directory that pertains to it. For example, if you have a  health related site, submit to health directories. Another example: If you have a wedding site, you can submit that to all wedding and bridal directories, women’s directories and shopping directories. Don’t forget to submit to your regional directory, like if you’re in the UK, submit to UK directories. If you are in Canada, Canadian directories. If you are in a big city, most of them have a directory or search engine. Just do a search and you’ll see there are directories for every region and niche.
  • Forum Profiles and Posting – For just about every niche, there will be appropriate forums that you can join. Find the main ones in your niche, join, add your link to your profile and your signature, then add something of substance to the discussions on a regular basis.
  • Press Release – When you launch your site, announce it via press release. Every time you make a major addition of a new service, product, feature or have some other news, announce it in another press release.
  • Social Media and Community – Like forums, there are going to be social sites and communities that cater to your target market. If you have a wedding site, join wedding, bridal and women related communities. Add your link to your profile, post blogs, join groups and discussions. Don’t forget to join business and entrepreneur sites like Ryze, LinkedIn, Startup.biz etc.
  • Social News Sites – Submit articles, blog postings and content (of good quality) to social news sites like Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Propeller etc.
  • Content Syndication – Create content sites and blogs at sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Vox, Livejournal, Blogger etc. Put unique, interesting content on each site like tips, articles, recommendations, reviews etc. Try to update these sites once a month, at least.
  • Article Writing – Write quality articles and submit them to article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles. Put this method on steroids by using a service like JetSubmitter or UniqueArticleWizard.
  • Link Exchanges – Consider a few highly targeted link exchanges with reputable sites.

With every method, don’t forget to vary anchor text and don’t forget to build links to internal pages of your site as well.

Lydia is the founder of BizFancy. She is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to make a living online or simply wants to make some extra cash online. Lydia has made a full-time living online since 1998 when she started her first online business.

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