My name is Lydia Quinn and I live in beautiful Oregon. I have worked online since 1998, when I first created a business for submitting websites to search engines. It quickly took off and allowed me to make a full time living online. The Internet has changed greatly since then, and what worked then, often doesn’t work now.

I created the BizFancy blog for people interested in one thing… making money online. My main focus is helping female entrepreneurs, aspiring female entrepreneurs, bloggers and women who simply want to use the Internet to make some extra money.

My Expertise

What I have done for the past 18 years includes:

  • Full scale design and development of hundreds of websites
  • E-commerce web development and design
  • Webmaster services (I currently take care of over two dozen client websites)
  • WordPress site building
  • iPhone and Android app development (business, informational and gaming)
  • Kindle publishing

I am a woman, making a living online, from home. I know that many women would love to do the same thing, so allow me to share some of my secrets with fellow women and everyone else.

I make my living online, 100% and I can help you do the same thing! To your success!

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