While I have many content based sites, making money from Adsense or CPA ads or whatever, I thought it might be prudent to explore why my most successful sites became that way. Exactly what tactics did I deploy in terms of link building or other promotions… let’s find out. Site #1 This was and still… (0 comment)

Traffic Travis was a bust… buggy and sometimes didn’t give results for certain engines. I’ve switched to Rank Tracker, which is very accurate. The only thing I don’t like is uploading the reports. The reports have too many unneeded files, images and directories. I have to delete certain files before trying to upload, otherwise my… (1 comment)

Optimizing your content site for your researched keywords and phrases is another extremely important step you can’t skip over. In order for search engines to find your website under your desired keywords and phrases, they need to show up on your website pages somewhere. This is especially important when are targeting long tail keyword phrases.… (0 comment)