Dastardly Marketing Tricks Rant

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Today I got an email from a list I’m on… from some marketer’s list I forgot I signed up for and haven’t heard from in ages. This mailing linked to what seemed like an informational blog post, but what it was was one of those incredibly long sales pages that markets the latest hot product that will have your bank account filled with money seemingly overnight. Yeah, sure. This is the stuff I hate, these are the marketing tactics that I can’t stand. These marketer’s make tons of money preying on people who just don’t know any better, and are often desperate. They aren’t dumb people, but they are easy targets, because they’ve been recently laid off or unemployed for a while or whatever. I really hate that marketer’s and “gurus” take advantage of these people.

I know that people make huge money with these big product launches, and these hyped up sales letters, but I just can’t bring myself to walk that path. I would feel like I’m lying to people. When  you buy these products, and then actually enter the member’s area or download the files, 99 times of out 100, you will see that it’s nothing like the sales letter. They gloss over little details like how much you need to spend on outsourcing or buying other products or advertising. To me, it’s just lying, and I can’t do that and feel good about myself. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Here are some thing that you see most in these over-hyped products, tools, special offers, etc.:

– Big red text

– Big text that is highlighted in yellow

– They start out with the word “Discover…”

– They start the sales letter with the phrase “Who else wants…”

– They use the old “limited supply” trick “I don’t know how long we can offer this for, so you better buy it now!” “We’re taking this down tomorrow, better buy now!” “We only have limited copies to sell, don’t miss out”. This is an especially awful trick, because, this is not like a book or actual tangible product, but 99% of these things are DIGITAL PRODUCTS, that you can’t run out of!!! Ugh.

– They have a fancy video at the top, with some kid in a suit acting like he can teach you how to make money online. Sure.

– They have lots of testimonials! Of course, they always have lots of testimonials, even from other well-known marketers. Always glowing, always saying the product is the best thing since sliced bread. What they don’t tell you is that most testimonials are either fake or they solicit these testimonials from other marketer’s for a free copy of the product, so of course they will love it. If they ever received a bad review, would they post it on the sales page? Yeah, right!

– Many marketer’s and “gurus” use the old repackage and re-purpose trick. In fact, many marketer’s are famous for doing this. They take old products and splice them together with a little new content to make a brand new product that they can peddle to their list. Ugh, hate this!!! Just surf around a few black hat forums and you’ll be able to learn about which marketer’s are famous for this trick. Some big names, in fact.

– They always have super-fancy, super-slick graphics, especially for their e-book covers or software.

Well, I could go on, but these are just a few things you always find on these sales pages.

I am certainly not saying that every product or system or course or whatever is worthless because they use these tactics, I’m just saying that a lot of them are. If you are ever interested in a product with a hype-y sales page, do yourself a favor and STOP. Do your due diligence before clicking BUY NOW. Don’t do a Google search for the product like “name of product reviews”. Why? Because if the product has an affiliate program, I guarantee that all the top results will be taken up by fake “reviews” that are just trying to get an affiliate commission from selling you the product. Instead, visit several reputable marketing and webmaster forums, and do a search there for real reviews of the product. I like to check black hat forums especially, as they will tell you the truth about what a product is, and if it’s worth buying or not. They usually do this by stealing it though, which I don’t condone, of course.

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