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Ok, if you’ve been trying to promote your website very long, you’ve no doubt heard of article marketing. It’s still an effective way to bring in targeted visitors AND build links at the same time. Needless to say, this double edge benefit is certainly worth the time you must invest in this tactic. Most people simply write an article, then submit it to a few directories by hand or use a service like ArticleMarketer, iSnare or submission software. This is ok, but you’ll get MUCH more out of each article you write if you use some other services. Here are some service that are pretty effective at taking your article and multiplying the benefit it will have:

Unique Article Wizard – This is a service that you must pay for each month. Basically, you take your one article and spin many unique versions from it, then a unique version is submitted to hundreds of different article directories. Because each article is at least somewhat different, you should get many links from that content. One of the best things about it, is that you can spin the article title and also the resource box, so you can get links with many different anchor texts from just one article.

Article Marketing Automation – UAW gets you links from article directories, but AMA is different. It spins the article for you and posts it to many blogs, including related blogs. So, each blog gets unique content with your links inside the text of each article. This is another great way to get links.

If you combine these two services, you are getting links from two sources, ie, blogs and article directories, just throw in a few links from other methods each month and you have link building synergy.

The great thing is that you are not spamming social bookmarking sites or social news sites or wasting hours trying to find dofollow blog comment links and all that. These two tools are fantastic for people trying to promote sites that are usually quite difficult to build links for, like BANS sites, eBay affiliate sites, Amazon affiliate sites and Adsense based sites.

If you hate article writing or simply can’t seem to find the time to get it done, there are MANY options for outsourcing. Decent quality articles that will work perfectly fine for spinning can be had for a few bucks each. Pay a little more and get better quality. Try the freelance sites and webmaster forums… but do watch out for scammers. Many article writers that do work cheap, even ones with good feedback ratings will disappear after a while and take the money and run. A reputable site to buy articles is Needanarticle.com, but also try Getafreelancer.com and Scriptlance.com to get bids on your work.

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