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Link Building in 2014 – 3 Strategies That Still Work

Link Building in 2014 – 3 Strategies That Still Work
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The Big G has webmasters in a tizzy about link building these days. What works? What doesn’t? You’ll likely find that most traditional methods that have been popular in the last few years are now the cause of penalties these days.  What follows are 3 methods that work now and should work indefinitely if you do them correctly.

Real Blog Commenting

Not spam, not automated comments, not unrelated comments, not junk, that doesn’t work anymore. What does work is real commenting on blogs in your niche that are already successful. While most links that you get from a blog are marked with a nofollow tag, telling Google not to follow it or give the link any credence, don’t believe it. Most experts believe that Google takes these links into account. Natural link building will always include a good amount of nofollow links anyway, so there is no reason not to implement this strategy.

Tips for Blog Commenting

  • Read the post before commenting (duh!)
  • Write a genuine comment, perhaps do a little research and add some information or even correct some details
  • Don’t bother trying to get some crazy perfect anchor text, your name, company name or even just a naked URL is fine and looks more natural
  • Don’t be a jerk, be polite and thoughtful
  • Don’t write something short, like “great post, thanks!”

Niche and Local Directories

In my previous post, I listed some of the best local search engines and directories to get listed on. These give you a strong link, but also may be a significant source of traffic. So, get to submitting to them! In addition to local sites, consider submitting to all the niche directories you can find. There are some available in just about every niche you can think of. Here’s a couple sites that list niche directories for you to submit your site to:

VileSilencer Niche Directory List – This site has very stringent guidelines for the quality of directories they include. So, use this list first. They have categorized each site and are pretty good at maintaining the list.

DirectoryCritic Niche Directory List – This site has no such quality guidelines, and I don’t think they even review the sites included, but their list is far more extensive than the VileSilencer list. They have categories for even the smallest niches, like pets, freebies and even dating.

Submit to all the niche directories you can find (for some niches, this may only be a couple sites), and make sure to read the listing guidelines for each site, they are likely different for each one. Also, be sure to use these for branded links, ie. your company name as the title or anchor text of the listing. Also, consider writing a unique description for each submission you make, if possible.

It really should take no longer than an hour or two to submit to all the niche directories that your site qualifies for, and to make that go faster, try using a handy little program called TypeItIn. You can get the free trial here:


This program lets you type in all the information like your company name, URL, email, etc. just once, then you just need to click a button to fill in that item. Very handy tool and has saved me a lot of time over the years!

Content Marketing

By content marketing, I don’t mean writing articles and submitting them to EzineArticles or Goarticles anymore. These sites seem to have fallen out of favor. What does work nowadays, is real content marketing. This means writing an excellent piece of content and asking for it to be published on an authority site in your niche, typically a blog, but sometimes a news site. While this does take more work if you do the writing yourself, you can always outsource the writing. This method also refers to “guest blogging” as well.

So there you have it! 3 ways that still work, and work quite well. Implement these link strategies to build safe, natural links that can also bring you traffic! Isn’t that the best kind of link anyway?

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