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Link Building Tools – What works and what doesn’t?

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While I usually tell SEO clients that link building must be done manually, I am always checking out the latest software that can streamline, speed up or complete automate some link building tasks. Here’s my opinions on the ones I’ve used:


Autofill Directory Submission Software

SubmitEaze – This is a nice program, it does streamline the directory submission process quite a bit. The problem with it is that some directories in the list have broken captcha’s which makes them useless. Even with this program directory submissions can take a while to do.

Directory Submitter Gold – This one isn’t quite as slick as SubmitEaze but it seems to have more directories that work.

Semi-Automated Directory Submission Software

DigiXmas Submitter – This tool does a good job of automating the process as much as it can be done. You still have to enter the captcha’s for any directories that use one, but you do not have to visit each site, which obviously saves a lot of time. The problem with this program is they charge for each URL you want to submit. At $15, this can add up fast and not only that, you pay the $15 and still have to spend the time submitting yourself. Not exactly the deal of the century when you consider you can outsource directory submissions to someone for around the same price, leaving you to do NONE of the work instead. If they lowered their price or had some subscription plan, it would be worth considering if you do a lot of directory submissions. I should note that they do allow you to submit to 150 PR 0 directories for free.

Website Based Directory Submitters

GTSee – This is actually a service/script that you pay to use. It is $6.95 and it submits to 1000+ directories. It would be great if it actually worked. I tried it and found that I only got a few approvals from these submissions and tons of submission declined notices.

EasySubmits – This is a nice service, it’s free and best of all, it actually works. Now, this will cost you some time, as you have to enter the captcha’s for each site and you have to go through page after page of directories, but submitting with this tool was easy and I got loads of confirmations to my email and tons of approvals! You know a submitter is working well if you get actual APPROVALS to your email address.

Other Link Building Tools

SENuke – SENuke generally does what it says, it makes it much easier to do social bookmarking, create WordPress MU blogs and links on those blogs, creating social networking account and links, submit videos, submit your RSS feeds etc. I found the software buggy at times, especially the social bookmarking part. Plus, it’s an expensive investment at $127 a month.

Bookmarking Demon – This one is for social bookmarking only. It does what it says it will do and it even creates social bookmarking accounts. That said, I found it buggy as well and slow at times. This could be because I was using the older version, and they did recently come out with a new version. Worth a look if you need social bookmarking done.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Some alternatives to the above social bookmarking software are these sites that allow you to post to your accounts for free:

OnlyWire – This is not free anymore, but you can use the service by just providing them a reciprocal link, which I think is worth it. Supports quite a few sites, basically all the biggest and most important ones, even sites like Twitter. The only drawback is that you must create the accounts yourself. Which will take you a bit of time. Also, it doesn’t support multiple accounts or anything like that, you must log in and change the account information yourself if you want to do that. Still, I do believe this is the best service of its kind right now.

SocialMarker – This one is a good alternative to OnlyWire. You have to create the accounts yourself but it supports more sites. Not as automated though as you have to visit each site to submit the bookmarks.

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