Making Consistent Money With Content Sites – Building Your Website

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hen building your content site, you have many options. Do you use Dreamweaver, Expression Web (formerly Frontpage) or perhaps use a CMS like Joomla or even a modified version of WordPress. All of these are possible solutions, but I have found an easier solution. I use a program called XSitePro. It’s easy to use, makes it easy to optimize pages for keywords and phrases, allows you to create pages fast, makes adding Adsense and affiliate ads a snap, makes it very easy to update and is very easy to learn. These are features that the rest of the options simply don’t have. I can put up a perfectly nice, 100% search engine optimized site in an hour or less, complete with a professional looking logo/header, navigation menus, sitemap, unique page titles and meta information for every page etc. There is also a feature that allows you to add many pages at once, which I find immensely helpful. For one site, I created about 400 pages in about an hour. Due to this and many other features, I have found XSitePro to be the best solution for my content site building work. It’s also nice that, unlike doing a site in Dreamweaver, I don’t tend to dread or have a mind block from doing any updating to my sites, which is great, because the more updated your site is, the more search engines will like it.

I forgot to mention that I also add a WordPress blog and sometimes a forum as an adjunct to each site. The WordPress blog allows easy updating of the site without having to upload anything and also gets the attention of the search engine spiders. Once I put a site up, I make sure to make regular posts to the blog. I’ll even recycle some content, change it around and rewrite it a bit and include links to my content pages in the post. It’s also handy to be able to announce on your blog when you have added something new to the site and include a link straight to that fresh content. Search engines love that sort of thing.

As far as a layout is concerned, I like to do a three column layout in XSitePro for most sites. This allows for excellent placement of Adsense ads and affiliate ads. I usually put a leaderboard at the top of the site, just under my header/logo, as that’s the most clicked area for ads. I also put some Adsense boxes on each side, usually some 120×600 vertical ads or banner ads. It’s a good idea to experiment with different banner ad sizes, different affiliate ads and different Adsense boxes and placements. What’s good for one type of site may not work as well for another. I also like to place an Adsense search box at the bottom of every content site. Even on sites that I don’t think people would want to search, sites that don’t really have that many pages, I’m always amazed at the amount of searches that each site gets. People love to search your site, they think they will find what they need easier without having to go through your menus and links. Might as well give them what they want and make some Adsense $ at the same time! I find that Adsense search boxes work really well for my largest sites, sites with hundreds of pages. It’s also very handy that you can check your Adsense account for what keywords and phrases people are using on each site. This is imminently useful for creating new pages. If they are searching for it and not finding it on your site, then create a new page for it. And with XSitePro, it’s very easy to add new pages.

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