Making Consistent Money With Content Sites – Choosing A Domain

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Once you’ve chosen your niche, you need to select a domain name. Here’s a nice little tool to help you get ideas: Bust A Name

Try to select a .com domain name, they are generally easier to remember and are worth more if you want to sell your site later. Next, try to include keywords or a keyword phrase related to your site in your domain name, if possible. Keep your domain as short as possible. I see people make the mistake of choosing a domain name that will be impossible to remember or difficult to type, like keyword-keyword-keyword.com or keywordphrase-keyword.com. Try to avoid putting a dash in the name if possible as well. You want a name that will be easy to remember, easy to brand and easy to type in. If we were going with the topic of “hand quilting”, then a domain like handquiltingweb.com would be good. Or perhaps handquiltingonline.com or quiltingcountry.com.

In my experience, the best place to register a domain name is NameCheap. They have monthly coupons for a percent off your new domain registration every month.

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