Making Consistent Money With Content Sites – Researching Keywords

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One of the most important aspects of creating content sites is choosing the right keywords and phrases to target. You want to choose phrases that are actually searched for on the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo, but you also want to choose phrases that aren’t insanely competitive. So, forget that #1 ranking for “quilting”, it brings traffic that is too broad anyway. Just what kind of quilting are they interested in? Do they want to learn about it? Do they want free patterns? Do they want to buy stuff related to quilting? Who knows. This is why we want to research and target what they call “long tail” phrases. Long tail phrases are simply multi word phrases, usually at least a keyword or two or more tacked onto the main phrase. So, if we’re looking for long tail keyword phrases for our subject of hand quilting, here is what comes up:

free hand stitch quilting patterns
quilting by hand
hand quilting thread
free hand quilting designs
quilting hand stitching
dot to dot hand quilting designs
hand quilting templates
hand quilting needles
free hand quilting patterns
hand quilting how to
hand quilting class az
hand quilting without a hoop
hand quilting techniques
designs hand quilting
hand quilting instructions
used hand quilting frame

As you can see, these are generally 3 to 5 words total each. Each of these phrases gets traffic, not substantial traffic like the simple phrase “quilting”, but the reason we target these phrases is that it’s relatively easy to rank for them since there are far fewer competitors. In some cases, you’ll find few if any competitors targeting some phrases that actually get traffic. These phrases are easy to rank for and mean free traffic for you! You’ll want to compile a nice list of as many long tail phrases for your niche as you can find. You will then use these phrases to optimize your website pages. In some cases, you’ll even want to create a special page to target certain phrases. Here are some handy tools to use for finding long tail phrases for your site (each has a free option or trial, but the paid versions are worth the money if you can afford it):




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