Making Consistent Money With Content Sites – Selecting Your Niche

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I’m going to start off this blog with the #1 way I make money online. That is, creating niche content websites. I have several websites that make me thousands of dollars each year. I won’t share my niches, but I’ll tell you how to find your own, create your content and even promote the site. This will be a multi post subject.

Keep in mind that I don’t bother with making junk websites, loaded with scraped content or PLR articles or other people’s content. I’m talking about making a real content website, with 100% or close to 100% unique content. A site that will take longer to get off the ground and make money, but will make money for years and years. If you don’t plan on putting some work and time into your website, then don’t even bother.

Here we go with part 1…

The first thing you need to do is find a niche. This is easy for me… I simply go with what I know and love. Do you enjoy quilting? How about crafts? Or maybe you are a connoisseur of cigars or wine or Maserati’s or a local college team or whales or the old West or whatever. Think about what you like, what you enjoy, what is your passion? First and foremost, pick what interests YOU. This is very important. If you pick a topic that interests you, then the content and care you put into the site because of your passion for it will come through to your visitors, and that will pay off in the long run. It doesn’t matter how niche it is, how specialized a topic, trust me, if you have a passion for it, chances are that there are other people out there in the vast Internets that are also interested in it.

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