Places to Buy Websites Online

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With the current global economic state, just like in the real estate market, it’s a true buyer’s market. Great deals on websites can be had right now if you have some cash available.

I’ve done a bit of buying and selling of websites over the years and here is my opinion on some of the popular places to buy websites online:

SitePoint Marketplace – You are most likely to find a legitimate website deal here. The only bad part is that most everybody knows about it, so you aren’t as likely to get a bargain. Ask lots of questions and you should be fine.

eBay – There’s a ton of crappy websites being sold on eBay. Probably 90% of websites on eBay are total crap and have little to no chance of making money. There’s these membership sites like DotComBuilder and Prozilla where people can sign up and easily create any number of websites built on templates and cheap or free scripts. They market these memberships on eBay for people to turn around and create and sell the individual cookie cutter sites on eBay. The problem is that you end up with tons of these sites on there to sift through. You can find many of them at 99 cents starting price and the seller will just make money through the hosting. Maybe at first you could make money on these, but once more than a few people started selling these sites on eBay, forget about it. This is not to say that there aren’t legitimate sites being sold on eBay, but that it’s just hard to find them. You have to look hard and do your research. Take a look at the sellers other items and previously sold items to see if they just copy the same site and sell it over and over. Lots of sellers do this.

Digital Point – There’s tons of websites being sold on here. Unfortunately, this site is also loaded with tons of scammers. There are ways to fake the iTrader ratings, I’ve seen threads in some black hat forums where people ask for or trade fake iTrader ratings, so it’s that easy.  So you can’t really trust the rating of someone who has just joined recently. For me to even consider buying a website on there, the person needs to have been on there for some time. That said, you can get some great deals on here if you are fast. I’ve gotten some domains, websites and scripts for a steal on here. Yet, I’ve also been scammed a few times as well. You have to be vigilant. One thing scammers do is create a website quickly, then send some traffic to it by buying it or faking it to inflate the stats and any Adsense earnings. I bought a blog last year about a sports star. The seller said it had made about $6 from Adsense in the last month. Well, once I took ownership, I saw the stats after my Adsense code had been placed on it. The pageviews numbered at 1 and 2 each day, which is virtually nothing, or likely me looking at the site.

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